Fechser Family History

Ancestors and Descendants of Johann Friedrich Fechser (1825-1908)

Johann Friedrich Fechser (1825-1908)
Fechsers in Mt. Pleasant, Utah
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Fechser Timeline
  • Fechsers in Weikershiem, Germany from early 1500s.
  • Johann Friedrich Fechser born 1825 in nearby Nassau.
  • Parents leave him in care of an aunt at age 7.
  • 1839 – Begins apprenticeship at the Scheinhardsmühle.
  • 1850 – Moves to Hamburg, reuniting with parents.
  • 1851 – Marries Rosine Friedericke Keyser.
  • 1852 – Buries infant son. Joins the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • 1853 – Sails to New Orleans & St. Louis. Daughter born.
  • 1854 – Crosses the plains. Wife & daughter die on way.
  • 1859 – One of original settlers of Mt. Pleasant, UT.
Fechser Legacy

“He was a kind, big hearted man, well liked by all.”

Deseret Evening News


Fechser Name

Fechsers have been in America since 1853. Also spelled Fexer, very few people in Germany have this surname today. Fechser’s lived in the wine-growing region of the Tauber River Valley for more than 300 years. The name comes from the cutting from a grape vine used to grow a new plant.